February 17, 2021

In Pain After an AccidentYou got in a car crash, went to the emergency room, and received immediate medical attention for your injuries. ER doctors did their job — they stabilized your condition — but you are back home and still in pain. What happens next?

1. Call Us

PhysMED is here to help if you are in pain after an accident. We are a fully staffed medical center for car accidents, with a neurosurgeon, medical doctors, and chiropractors on call. Call us, and we can get started.

2. Prepare for Your Appointment

We always try to book initial appointments as soon as possible. However, you might have a couple of days to gather all the information that will help us form a diagnosis and continue your care.

The first goal is developing a treatment plan. To do this, we will need your medical history, the details of your accident, information about your current condition, and a list of treatments you are now undergoing, such as medication.

We also want to help as much as we can with the administrative side of your car crash. For most of our patients, this means complementing the efforts of legal teams.

We understand that your car accident injury might have the possibility of exceeding the benefits of your personal injury protection plan. We are familiar with the way car crash lawsuits work in Florida, and we try to help our patients get all of the information they need to receive full compensation for their injuries. We will need to know your insurance information and any specific directions your lawyer has given you in regards to your medical care.

3. Meet With Your Doctor

The doctor’s appointment is the part most people are apprehensive about, but it is really the easiest. Chiropractic care after an accident is very relaxed — nothing like the ER. We will get to know you, assess your condition, and set some goals.

We will also probably recommend some treatments and schedule your next appointment. All of your treatments will be minimally invasive and focused on treating the injuries you sustained in your car accident.

4. Stick to the Plan

Unlike painkillers, many of our treatments have an ongoing aspect. That means symptom relief, but we also want you to be prepared if you ever come into a similar situation as you did with your car crash. We want you to have the resources and knowledge necessary to manage your pain in a way that fits with your lifestyle.

5. Come Back To See Us

We provide the highest level of Sarasota chiropractic care, which leads to some lasting doctor-patient relationships. Many of our patients come in to see us regularly, just as they would for a physical at their family doctor.

In short: Many people feel pain after car accidents, even after conventional treatment. Act now, stick to the plan, and you should be able to manage your pain, strengthen your body, and live a healthier life. We will be here to support you throughout your treatment and beyond.