PIP insurance, also known as personal injury protection, is mandatory for drivers registered in Florida. It is intended to let you take responsibility for your own injuries after an auto accident. It is part of the state’s no-fault system, which means that you could potentially claim the full amount regardless of who was to blame for your collision.

Florida is one of only 10 states that require this type of insurance. The law in the state encourages people to seek treatment quickly, as coverage is typically only provided when you seek treatment within 14 days. Please continue reading for a brief look at some of the details, including coverage amount, injury types, and more about the time limit.

Coverage With PIP

Your PIP insurance could cover various types of damages, up to $10,000. Common examples include lost wages and medical bills. Generally speaking, 80% of your medical bills up to $10,000 would be eligible for this type of coverage. There are some exceptions, however.

One of the major exceptions to the maximum coverage limit has to do with the types of conditions PIP covers. Please keep in mind that determining the exact nature of your condition would be up to a medical professional. Make sure that your care provider understands this process.

Emergency Medical Conditions

PIP insurance is mandated in order to protect you from emergency medical conditions. Florida defines an EMC as an injury with acute, severe symptoms that would result in serious consequences when left untreated:

  • Danger to your health
  • Impairment of your physical functions
  • Dysfunction of any part of your body

These types of emergency medical conditions are typically eligible for the full $10,000 of coverage. You may still be able to get some of this coverage if you do not legally have an EMC.

The 14-Day Rule

You may have heard that you only have 14 days after an auto accident to seek medical treatment in Florida. This time limit is related to the definition of an emergency medical condition. However, PIP laws include various provisions not discussed here. Please do not give up on pursuing treatment for your pain and injury if you are past the two-week mark.

Begin the Process Today

This law underwent major reforms somewhat recently, so it is important to seek updated information. This article is not intended to substitute for case-specific legal advice, but we do hope it provided you with a useful source of general information.

To learn more about your treatment options — and the likelihood that each alternative is covered under Florida’s PIP rules — please feel free to reach out. Call us today at (941) 921-4884 to schedule an initial consultation.

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