At PhysMed, we create personalized, detailed treatment programs to help our patients recover from their injuries and manage their chronic pain conditions. We believe personalized, professional attention is the best first step towards any healing process.

It is especially important to immediate pain treatment after an auto accident in Port Charlotte. We would like to underline some of the benefits of doing so in this article.

Improved Prognoses

If you fear that your injuries could potentially be severe following a collision, please do not hesitate to contact a care provider. Seeking immediate treatment — or at least a timely assessment of post-accident physical conditions — often results in a better prognosis. There are a variety of reasons for this:

  • Catching a problematic condition early helps begin pain treatment as soon as possible
  • Your physician can recommend temporary changes to avoid complicating the injury, such as reduced activity
  • You could receive referrals for your conditions

Informed Analysis

It is important to understand the treatment options available for your specific injuries. There is an abundance of medical information available online, but this can easily overwhelm or even lead to misdiagnosis. Many types of injuries with similar symptoms to one another have significantly different treatments.

Appropriate Action

Musculoskeletal injuries do not always show symptoms and could therefore be easy to overlook in an emergency setting. In the case that symptoms do appear, painkillers are among the most common prescriptions. Unfortunately, these pharmaceuticals do not typically address the underlying cause of the pain. At our center, we look at each injury from multiple perspectives, creating treatment plans that facilitate recovery as well as alleviating pain.

Maximized Insurance Coverage

Car accident injuries are an unwelcome surprise for many people in terms of their finances. However, at least in Florida, this is more of a reason to seek immediate treatment than it is to delay a consultation. The reason: Drivers in this state have to carry mandatory personal injury protection insurance.

Florida PIP coverage for auto accident injury treatment could cover 80% of medical bills up to $10,000, regardless of who was to blame for the accident. However, to claim these benefits in full, the injured person typically has to seek treatment within 14 days of the collision.

Begin Your Healing Process

Although addressing injuries early is preferable, it is never too late to start identifying problems and working to improve them. If you fear your injuries might require attention, please do not hesitate any longer.

Our available treatment options range from addressing acute injuries caused by violent crashes to managing chronic pain, at any stage in the recovery process. Please call us today at (941) 921-4884 to discuss your options.

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