October 16, 2020

ChiropractorChiropractic care is one of the leading treatments for injuries from auto accidents. As chiropractors, we help patients improve and manage their conditions at every stage of their recovery process. In general, chiropractors help you recover faster after a car accident in these ways:

  • Assessing your condition
  • Providing immediate care
  • Supporting improvement
  • Maintaining health and comfort levels

In general, chiropractors help you recover faster because our treatments focus on solving underlying problems. We also guide you towards better overall wellness – letting the natural resilience of the human body accelerate healing.

Timely Assessment

The core of a successful chiropractic treatment plan is the personal assessment by the chiropractor. Please come in as soon as possible after your car accident – even if you think your symptoms are not severe.

This initial meeting helps us establish your basic level of health and the extent of your injuries after your car accident. This allows us to track your wellness throughout your recovery. We also typically make our initial diagnosis, recommend some treatments, and help you navigate the Florida PIP insurance process.

Immediate Relief

Many of your most troubling symptoms — pain, reduced mobility, and more — could be your body telling you your joints are in danger. This is a scary feeling, but the fear often disappears once you understand why you feel the discomfort.

We help you understand the meaning of the different types of symptoms you experience after a car crash. In many cases, we recommend medical procedures as early as the first appointment to start reducing pain and restoring motion in a safe, sustainable way.

Focus on Improvement

Lingering pain, persistent stiffness, loss of motion, and other chronic results of car crashes often come from a focus on symptom reduction. Therefore, we avoid addictive, sometimes-dangerous pharmaceuticals – such as prescription opioid painkillers.

Instead of possibly creating lifelong dependencies on medication, we prefer medical techniques that improve joint health, restore range of motion, promote healthy skeletal alignment, and permanently or persistently reduce the cause of painful inflammation. The principle is simple: Symptoms typically reduce in intensity or disappear once their causes are removed.

Maintain Health

Chiropractic care helps you recover quickly because our goal is a healthy, active post-accident life. We work alongside you as you recover from the immediate effects of your injury, make positive lifestyle changes, and manage any chronic discomfort you may have. Every step moves toward your best possible outcome.

Chiropractic treatments have consistently positive outcomes without invasive surgical procedures or dangerous drugs. We would urge anyone experiencing any type of change in condition after a car crash in Florida to make an appointment at PhysMED. The sooner you start, the sooner you can get back on track to the best possible post-accident health level.