Dr. Díaz-Ramírez is a medical doctor who specializes in Pain Medicine. Pain medicine is a specialty, typically for anesthesiologists, that focuses on treating patients experiencing acute and/or chronic pain. Practiced in both hospital and outpatient settings, pain medicine requires coordination with other specialists to properly evaluate the root causes of pain, develop a treatment plan, and ensure long-term success.
A pain medicine specialist may utilize a number of techniques and approaches to address the unique needs of each individual, managing both conditions that cause pain and conditions where pain is the primary problem.

About Dr. Díaz-Ramírez

Dr. Díaz-Ramírez is a fellowship-trained, board-certified Pain Medicine physician and anesthesiologist with over 20 years of experience in the field. She is a clinical professor for the College of Medicine at Florida State University. She has co-authored and edited multiple book chapters related to Pain Management and has been awarded as a Top Doctor® in her field by her peers for ten consecutive years. Her goal is to ease clients’ relationship with pain and provide more freedom through a collaborative team of healthcare providers and the right mix of interventions and self-management strategies. One of her passions is to help other physician entrepreneurs and future physicians design their lives to avoid burnout and keep happy physicians practicing under their terms. She is the Founder of maxAllure Mastermind, an exclusive forum for physician-entrepreneurs.