Chiropractic Techniques Used After a Car Crash

Chiropractic TechniquesCar accidents in Florida do not always occur at top speed. Traffic isn’t all that fast. However, make no mistake: A car crash at any speed can result in painful, lifelong injuries.

At PhysMED, we take all injuries seriously. The chiropractic techniques we use after a car crash have two goals. First, they should alleviate your pain and reduce your other symptoms. Second, they should remedy the underlying conditions.

Depending on the site of your injury and a number of other factors, we will design a personal treatment program just for you. Here are some of the techniques we might include in your plan. We focus on drug-free, minimally invasive, and non-invasive treatments.

1. Spinal Manipulation and Manual Therapy

Spinal manipulation after an auto accident is nearly synonymous with chiropractic care. If you have any apprehension about this, please be aware that we are corrective chiropractors — far from the back crackers of popular media.

We work closely with a full range of specialists outside the field of chiropractic medicine. We have extensive experience treating patients with arthritic conditions, previous injuries, spinal abnormalities, and so on.

2. Decompression and Traction After Car Accidents

Many people also associate traction and decompression with chiropractic care. However, it might not be exactly what you imagine.

These days, thanks to extensive research and precise imaging techniques, our understanding of the spine is extremely advanced. Decompression and traction are now much more precise in alleviating pain caused by pressure on discs and nerves and correcting injuries in the spinal column.

That said, the spine is a complex, 3-dimensional structure, and it is unique for every individual. If we recommend decompression or traction as part of your chiropractic treatment after a car accident, we will do it after due observation and analysis.

3. Trigger Point Injections and Therapeutic Ultrasound

After car crash injuries, it can take a long time to feel normal again. Although the bulk of our treatments aim to cure your underlying conditions, sometimes reducing inflammation and pain is part of that process.

Pharmaceutically-focused medical providers would use addictive, dangerous painkillers for anti-inflammatory and analgesic purposes. We use non-addictive, long-lasting joint-injection and ultrasound treatment to help you manage long-term pain, regain mobility and make the most of your recovery.

4. Physiotherapy, Diet Changes and Exercises

One of the best things about chiropractic care for car crash injuries is that you can participate. You have a great deal of control over your recovery.

Recommendations for diet and lifestyle changes are essential elements of chiropractic treatment. These new habits strengthen your body and accelerate your natural healing processes. They also make you more resilient, preventing future injuries.

We also have full physiotherapy programs tailored specifically for car accident injuries, supervised by qualified specialists. These plans typically also provide light, targeted exercise schedules that you can take home to supplement your in-center treatment.

Contact PhysMED Immediately After a Car Accident in Florida

You do not have long after a car crash in Florida to begin seeking medical treatment if you want to make the most out of your personal injury protection insurance coverage. Of course, your injuries will not wait either. Please call The Center For Physical Medicine at 941-909-3527 as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.